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Nutrition Consultations

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nutrition consultations, health coaching

1 on 1 Nutrition consulting with a qualified nutritional practitioner, health coach and chef specialising in:

  • Weight Loss / Gain
  • Emotional eating
  • Digestive disorders – IBS, Diverticulitis, Bloating, Diarrhoea, Constipation
  • Food intolerances and allergies such as gluten, dairy, wheat
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression
  • Sugar addiction, Diabetes, Insulin Resistance
  • Pre and Post Natal Nutrition
  • Arthritis and joint pain
  • Auto-immune conditions

The first step on your journey to better health is to come and talk to me…

Initial Consultation

Your first consultation will last for approximately 60 minutes and will begin by identifying your goals and objectives – essentially why you have started the journey to better nutrition, and what you are hoping to achieve from it.

We will cover a range of topics during the initial consultation including your health history, current symptoms, diet and eating habits, energy levels, recent illnesses, bowel movements, and overall concerns. As part of this information gathering exercise, I may ask you to prepare a diet diary, a week or so before the first consultation to help identify patterns.

As part of the consultation I may initially recommend one or more dietary supplements to support your changes. Whilst I seek to avoid relying upon too many supplements wherever possible, it is sometimes necessary to give yourself a kick start during the healing process until your body returns to a healthier and balanced state. However our long term goal is always to transition away from supplements wherever possible, as you begin to get more of your essential nutrients from your day to day diet.

Throughout our consultations, I may also use a variety of different diagnostic tools to help gain a better understanding of where you may need additional support. Some of these include: iridology, nail and tongue analysis, blood pressure testing, urine analysis, glucose level and zinc testing.

My aim is to get you thinking better, performing better and feeling better. Providing you engage with the process and fully implement the recommended changes, there is no reason why you can’t see dramatic improvements in your health and wellbeing. Healthy living is a lifestyle change forever and at the end of the day, you are the only one who can make the positive decision to take charge of your health for good. Why settle on just feeling OK when you and your family deserve so much more. Your body is the only place you have to live in so make the most of it!!

Follow Up Consultations

I like to arrange a follow up consultation a couple of weeks after the initial meeting, to see how you’re going and to answer any questions or concerns. This allows us to see what’s working and identify where we can make improvements such as adjusting prescriptions and dietary plans, depending upon your progress and symptoms.


Private Health Insurance Extras? Can I claim?

Natalie has an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine and her services can be claimed using your private health insurance extras.

Currently (Sept 2019) the following funds are approved for nutrition rebates:
APIA Health Insurance
Australian Unity
GU Health
Medibank Private
Mildura Health Fund
NIB (AAMI & Suncorp)
Qantas Health Insurance
Queensland Country Health

Initial Nutrition Consultation

$90 1 Hour

Follow up consultation

$50 Half Hour

Specialised Nutrition programs: