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kick start your health - 4 week program - health coaching

Do you know what you should be doing but feel lost as to where to start? Are you tired of telling yourself your going to 'start tomorrow'?

In this 4 week health coaching program you will gain a clear understanding of what your health goals are as well as a personalised program and motivation to reach them. You will also learn what to eat for your unique body, and be provided with the tools to implement the recommended changes. This is a great way to set down good foundations for your health.

What results can I expect?

  • Set achievable health and lifestyle goals to ‘kick start your health’
  • Increase knowledge about making good food choices for yourself and family
  • Discover what to eat for your unique body and learn about which foods are giving you energy and which foods are bringing you down.
  • Develop a healthy relationship with food
  • Learn the foundations to good health and eating habits.


kick start your health - 4 week program - health coaching

kick start your health - 4 week program Includes :

  • 4 x 45 minute 1 on 1 coaching sessions (1 per week). We know how precious your time is, and for that reason, your sessions can be conducted when and where it suits you, via phone, or online.
  • Session notes, recipes and handouts so you won't forget a thing.
  • Support outside of coaching calls via email 5 days a week.
  • Food diary reviews and recommendations





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Disclaimer -  The results, from health coaching and nutrition programs may vary from person-to- person. Each individual’s health, fitness, and nutrition success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any health-related program or service, your results may vary, and will be based on many variables, including but not limited to, your individual capacity, life experience, unique health and genetic profile, starting point, expertise, and level of commitment.